Kenz BPM AP 05P Automatic Blood Pressure Monitor
AC 05P enables fully automatic blood pressure measurement with reliable result within 30 seconds.
Simple one-touch operation
By pressing the START button, blood pressure measurement will start automatically.
Built - in cuff and bladder inflate automatically
Compact and lightweight
Application Areas
Outpatient registration in hospital and clinic
Self measurement at pharmacy fitness center and workplace
Routine medical checkup at health center
Audible Measurement Instruction
The instruction is displayed on the frontpanel during measurement process with audible instruction.
Measurement Technology
Highly accurate Oscillometric and Riva Rocci (Korotkoff Sound) are used for the measurement.
Traditionally, measurement of blood pressure by detecting Korotkoff sound using a stethoscope and the mercurial sphygmomanometer is considered to be adsolutely accurate by clinicians. AC 05P has two hyper microphones to detect the Korotkoff sound of the pulse wave pattern. However, using only Korotkoff method may not be perfect as blood pressure result can be affected by noise. Therefore, AC 05P adapts the measurement algorisms using the combination of Riva Rocci (Korotkoff sound) and Oscillometric method together with a vibration sensor to make the digital blood pressure testing more reliable and reproducible.
Meets the standard of Association for the Advancement of Medical Instrumentation (AAMI) in U.S.A.
Recording Report Format
Blood pressure measurment can be set three different size of thermal paper.
*Customized institution name can be printed using optional software.

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