Kenz BPM AM 300 CE
Kenz BPM AM300CE, a small and light weight 24 hour ambulatory blood pressure monitor (225 grams) that can monitor your daily blood pressure variation without interruption.
6 functional and comfortable features that do not let you feel the stress even if you carry the monitor for 24 hours
Pocket size
Small and light weight 225 grams (including batteries) Reducing patient's stress even carrying for long time.
Automatic measurement (3 modes)
Mode I : Fixed interval time
07:00 - 21:59 The measurement is performed every quarter hour.
22:00 - 06:59 The measurement is performed every half hour.
Mode II : [S] mark (Sleeping mark) manual setting
[S] mark is OFF
[S] mark is ON
Interval of 15 minutes
Interval of 30 minutes
Mode III : The measurement interval can be preset in six blocks for 24 hours measurement.
Set interval time for each block
Oscillometric measurement method is used
Easy to fit the cuff, and easy for maintenance
Easy setting
Clock, interval setting, etc., can be set from AM 300 CE
3 AA size batteries
Approximately 200 measurements can be performed.
Memory capacity for maximum 300 measurements.
Automatic control of cuff inflation and exhaust speed
Aiming to shorten the measurement time by controlling the cuff pressure value and exhaust speed.
Kenz BPM AM 300P CE
(Printer Terminal)
By connecting Kenz BPM AM 300 CE to AM300P CE, you can print out the data measure by AM 300 CE.
Kenz BPM AM 300 S
(Analysis software)
Measurement data of ambulatory blood pressure monitor AM 300 CE can be plotted statistically, edited, analyzed speedily, and the measurement condition can be set easily.
Blood Pressure Data
Each measurement data can be viewed easily.
Trend graph
Daily variation of each measurement item is displayed in a 24-hour graph.
Summary Data
Statistical data of blood pressure within the specified period and 24-hour period can be displayed.
Correlation graph, histogram and Patient Information can also be displayed.

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