General Description
The AM-2S is an electrically powered, dry-heat warmer which supplies external heat to the plastic tubing incorporated in intravenous administration sets. The IV Tube set is placed in the ‘S’ shaped channel in the aluminum heating plate. The device is available in 4mmØ (diameter 3.1 ~ 4.0) and 5mmØ (diameter 4.1 ~ 5.0) models for all tubing sizes.
Operating temperature:27 ºC -37 ºC (80.6 ºF - 98.6 ºF) *
Flow rate:1~12ml / min.
Safety Features:Heating plate temperature sensor, fluid temperature sensor, heater sensor, temperature fuse, splash resistant construc-tion, dry-heat
Size/weight:176 (L) x 65 (W) x 37 (H) mm / 560g (1.2lbs)
* Effluent temperature is affected by initial fluid temperature, room temperature, flow rate and diameter of the tube set used.

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