ECG Data Network & Management Program
ECG Data Viewer CVS-02
Data Viewer CVS-02 is a ECG Data Management System that enable ECG data to be saved as an image and used in e-Medical Record. Doctors can view and edit the data in the ECG data server through a client PC.
Features Serial ECG comparison
Up to four dominant ECG of a patient can be compared. The ECG waveforms can be superimposed in different colors for easy comparison.
Enhanced data search function
Data search available from not only the condition of patient information like date, ID, etc., but ECG
analysis result.
Backup function as standard function
Backup setting available in the settings of CVS_Manager.
Import of patient information
CSV file of patient data can be imported to the master registration of patient information.
Auto Save of images
Image of 12 lead ECG and analysis result can be saved as image (JPEG, PING or PDF) into the specified folder.
Data transfer from Filing Card (option)
The data saved in Filing Card (option for Cardico-1211) card can betransferred to the CVS-02.
12 lead ECG display
12 lead ECG waveforms can be displayed on the screen.
Rhythm lead ECG for 10(20) seconds can be confirmed by moving the red frame.
Analysis report 3x4 (Over read function)
3×4(Overread function)
Confirmation of the analysis result by viewing the dominant and arrhythmia wave. Heart rate, PQ interval, QRS duration, QT/QTc time and axis are displayed as graphs.
Analysis report 2x6 (Over read function)
2×6(Overread function)
Analysis result can be confirmed by reviewing the dominant ECG and rhythm leads. Analysis statement, criteria and comment can be edited.
Long-term ECG analysis report
ECG recorded in arrhythmia analysis or autonomic nervous system test mode can be displayed. By clicking the lower scroll bar, all the waveform of the recorded time can be displayed.
Ventricular Premature Contraction, Supraventricular Premature Contraction, R-R trend, etc. of arrhythmia analysis can be confirmed. For ANST function, the R-R trend and R-R histogram can be confirmed.
System requirements
ComputerOS : Windows XP, 2000 (Service Pack 2.0 or higher) or Vista
Memory : 256MB or higher

Hard disk :
〈Minimum requirement for installation〉
 Server client : 10MB or higher
 Client : 4MB or higher

〈Data storage capacity〉
 12 lead ECG data : Approx. 3,200 ECG/GB
 (Compressed data : Approx. 20,000 ECG/GB)
 Long term ECG data : Approx. 3,100 ECG/GB
 (Compressed data : Approx. 10,000 ECG/GB)
Display1024×768 or greater(mandatory)
Printer300dpi or higher
Data transferLAN : TCP/IP : 100BASE/T for Cardico 1211
RS-232C for Cardico 302/1210

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