Kenz Cardico 1211 - Network ECG System
ECG management encompassing data management and network environment is now required in Physician's Offices, Clinics and Hospitals more than ever.
Cardico 1211 contributes to your reliable diagnosis and data management in electrocardiogram.
High Resolution, Wide Viewing Angle Touch Screen Color Display
Large Memory for Easy Filing
Network ECG for Paperless Data Management
New Arrhythmia Screening Functions and Brugada Syndrome Algorithms
Multi language: English, Chinese, French, German, Italian, Russian, Spanish
The Cardico 1211 has a new color display that dramatically improves direct diagnosis.
Its 5.7 inches Backlit TFT display is a high-resolution and wide viewing angle display for electrocardiograms that offers various display modes such as color indication of Arrhythmia and LEAD OFF alarm.
The touch screen allows easy setup and patient information entry. This screen functions minimize button actions and make operating faster.
Memory and Digital Filing
The built in memory can store up to 1000 records and another 1000 records can be added using the optional Kenz Filing Card. Each record, in either memory can be recalled to edit the results and patient information. Without LAN communication, Kenz Filing Card can be used as a manual data transmission medium to a personal computer for ECG data management using the optional software, ECG Data Viewer CVS-02.
Network ECG
The Cardico 1211 comes with a Local Area Network (LAN) port.
As a Network ECG, Cardico 1211 enables functional patient data management and electronic filing with the optional Kenz ECG Data Viewer CVS-02.
Kenz ECG Data Viewer CVS-02 can be used alone or in conjunction with an Electronic Medical Record system or Hospital Information System.
Wireless Transmission is possible by using locally purchased LAN module.
Arrhythmia Summary Function in Long-Term Mode is for arrhythmia patients to make the full disclosure and summary report for Supra-Ventricular Premature Contraction, Ventricular Premature Contraction and Atrial Fibrillation base on II and V1 Lead during the set period of one to five minutes and unlimited time.
Detected arrhythmia is displayed in different color.
Arrhythmia analysis display VPC (Ventricular Premature Contraction)
trend display
Arrhythmia Screening Function in Pre-Check Mode detects and record automatically for the first 30 seconds depending on setup in case an Arrhythmia is detected.
Quick Arrhythmia Recording Function enables manual record and printout by pressing Freeze and Start key when the display shows an Arrhythmia in Auto Mode.

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